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2021 marks the 30th anniversary of VOS. Due to the pandemic, we are unable to hold a large-scale live concert to celebrate this important milestone. For your viewing pleasure, we have produced a wide variety of virtual projects to share our joy and excitement.

Please enjoy our 30th Anniversary Celebration Part 1 – To God be the Glory 榮耀歸與真神” featuring Markham Chinese Baptist Church choir as guest performer. This is the first of our five series of  celebrative videos.

To God be the Glory 榮耀歸與真神


30th Anniversary Celebration Part 2 – VOS Past Concert Favourites” 


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30th Anniversary Celebration Part 2 – “VOS Past Concert Favourites 聖樂精選回顧” featuring 19 sacred choral selections performed in our past concerts covering a wide spectrum of repertories.

These videos will bring back some of our fond memories from the past, please enjoy!

Past Concert Favourites 聖樂精選回顧

30th Anniversary Celebration Part 3 – “Tribute to Past Conductors” 

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30th Anniversary Celebration Part 3 – “Tribute to Past Conductors 懷念已故指揮”

This Part 3 series is specially put together to pay tribute to our two respectful past ConductorsMaestro Frank Huang 黃飛然老師 and Ellen Ay-Laung Wang 王愛倫老師; featuring 17 sacred choral selection performed  from past concerts conducted by both conductors. 

Tribute to Past Conductors 懷念已故指揮